Top 9 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions for Customers You Should Know (and Use)

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Top 9 Most Popular Online Payment Solutions for Customers You Should Know (and Use)

Although we now have a number of online payment solutions available, these do not replace credit cards.

Customer payment solutions—including the growing number of PayPal alternatives being developed locally—only provide a way for sellers and small businesses to accept credit card payments from individuals and corporations. You still need to provide your banking information and identity verification at least once, usually to complete the registration process.

Most merchant services will use your credit card information to facilitate your online purchase. So before registering with any of the listed payment services, you might want to get a card with your bank.

1. PayPal Account

PayPal gateway

PayPal is arguably the most popular one on our list. It offers worldwide solutions in money transfers, as a payment tool for merchants and sellers and a mainstream payment method for freelancers everywhere.

You see PayPal logos and checkout pages on retail stores and e-commerce marketplaces all over the web. It is fast, secure, and transparent. And it is now the industry standard for customer payments.

When you choose to pay using the PayPal checkout, you’ll be redirected to a checkout page that logs you into your PayPal account. From there, you’ll be able to choose whether to pay with your bank balance or bill the purchase to your connected cards.

2. Google Pay

Google Pay is a payment solution from Google
Also known as Google Wallet

Partially known as Google Wallet or Android Pay, Google Pay is Google’s payment solution for online and in-store purchases. With Pay, you can pay for any of the Google products you find in Google Play, pay with your phone in stores, and use loyalty rewards and gift cards in a number of countries.

Pay lets participating websites and apps accept online payments and in-app purchases. But it is also a way to send money to friends and family in the UK, the US, and India—free of charge.

Pay can also be used to pay for train and bus fares in certain transit systems in a small number of countries.

3. Amazon PayCode

Amazon payments
Amazon Payments
When you shop on Amazon, you now have the option to pay at any Western Union agent location in your country using the Amazon PayCode. All you need to do is select the "Use Amazon PayCode" option during checkout, and make a note of your code. 

To complete the purchase, visit a WU agent within 4 days of placing your order and pay in cash. This method of payment is only available for export eligible products and when shopping from a country that supports Amazon PayCode: Barbados, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, the Philippines, Peru, Taiwan, Thailand, and Uruguay.

It is convenient and relatively fair. If you decide to return the purchased items, your money will be issued to you in the form of Amazon Gift Card balance. 

4. Payoneer

Payoneer is a popular PayPal alternative
Payoneer - available in more than 200 countries
Founded in 2005, Payoneer is now a very popular alternative to PayPal among freelancers. It is not commonly used to shop online, but shop owners are now able to receive direct payment from their Amazon t-shirt sales with Payoneer global payment services.

Payoneer is available in more than 200 countries and in 150 different currencies. It provides you with virtual accounts in various countries. With these accounts, you can receive international payments that you can later withdraw to a local bank.

Although you can easily transfer money accrued in your account to another Payoneer user’s account with just their email address, Payoneer will reject global payments that aren’t business account transfers. It is nearly impossible for a client to pay you without a business account.

When your balance reaches a certain threshold, you’ll be able to order a Payoneer MasterCard that can be used for online purchases, ATMs, in stores, and anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

If you work with one of the many online marketplaces that pay using Payoneer, you’ll also have the option to apply for said card from each marketplace.

5. Stripe

Stripe checkout does not redirect customers

Stripe sounds like the perfect solution for developers to integrate to an existing project. Stripe’s API bypasses the traditional processing, without the need to redirect to a separate site. During the transaction, Stripe takes the role of a merchant account and handles all the PCI compliance and merchant approvals right there from the website.

It is easily embedded and works with your credit card information on multiple devices. To get Stripe to work in Indonesia, you will need to either create an EIN (for a foreign entity) with the IRS or use a Stripe Atlas with a company account. 

6. Due

All-in-one payment solutions from Due

One of the major benefits of using Due is its time-tracking tool, which isn't available with the free plan. With Due, you can accept online payments with a 2.8 percent transaction rate, take in global payments, and use a digital wallet to send and receive money, along with an e-bank for storing your cash online. 

Due works well with all types of freelance work, and signing up is free and easy. You can find your invite link here.

Each plan comes with a 30-day free trial period. 

7. Skrill

Skrill payment and mobile wallet

Skrill is another popular payment option, with a recently added crypto feature for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Its fast and secure payment is used in all sorts of international transactions, including betting, trading, shopping, and gaming.

People use Skrill to receive money, receive international money transfers, and withdraw funds to bank accounts. It also comes with a mobile money wallet to withdraw into local currencies with just a phone number. Currently, Skrill accepts 40 currencies and offers low transaction fees, with features such as instant withdrawals, crypto wallet, and deposits.

Use your invite link here to create an account with Skrill. 

8. Square

Square card reader
Square card reader
Square sounds perfect for mobile businesses with no physical address. It allows your business to get paid and to automatically invoice customers electronically.

It’s a good choice for emerging small business shops looking to integrate with an online presence. With the Square Point of Sale, you’d be able to accept payments directly on an iOS or Android device.

Square’s magstripe reader, currently being sold from the Square shop for as little as $10, is a free card reader for eligible small businesses. Its other payment bundle kits allow payments with EMV chip cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and NFC cards.

9. Transferwise

Transferwise for remote workers, nomads

A go-to payment option for nomads and people who work remotely.

Transferwise lets you send and receive money in 40+ currencies, along with the borderless accounts you need to get paid from the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, and any country in the Euro zone. All for free.

When you need to receive payments from clients or customers in one of the mentioned countries, TransferWise will come up with a borderless account number along with the necessary codes and addresses. With these details, you’ll receive your payment without the hidden fees or the bad exchange rates.

You’ll even be able to hold balances in more countries around the world without local bank details. For example Malaysian ringgit, Thai baht, etc. You'll also be able to fund these balances with your cards in seconds.

Use this invitation to send and receive one-off payments immediately with Transferwise.


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