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Hello and welcome to my website. If you're interested in searching the web and other study skills needed to survive the age of the internet, you have come to the right place. My mission is to help you learn the internet skills you need to establish a meaningful presence online.

I will share with you my top study skills, tips and tricks, lessons learned from everyday programming, and how to navigate the social media and blogging scene. All regularly updated insightful content on selected topics, including writing for the web and blogging.

My Story

Why I'm not Spiderman (or Batman).

My internet journey only really took off in 2013. Five years in internet time is like a gazillion years ago in real life. I've learned quite a few things since then and have created a few projects online.

Today's blogging environment is changing and good content is already not enough. It is as important to build and grow an audience who love to read and share the content I create. So if anything on here helped you, please share it, give it a like, leave a comment or feedback, so that I can continue providing you relevant and useful content.

Contact Form

I enjoy reading from readers and good friends, so I always try to answer all my emails as quickly as I can. When you write an email, please make sure that your letter is addressed to me and not somebody else, e.g. Batman, so I can reply accordingly.

Do feel free to send your questions, comments, or details about problems you need solved. Share with me some information about yourself and I will try to get back to you within 48 hours.


You can also send mail, postcards, freebies, etc. to my pigeon hole if you prefer:

Lovelli Fuad
PO BOX 1213
Jakarta Selatan

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