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I work, study, and play online. So, technically all over the web. But it wasn't always like that.

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Lovelli Ariesti Fuad
I was born in Riau, a province in the eastern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. My internet journey only really took off in 2013, when I started taking my freelancing online—roughly 30 years after migrating to Jakarta.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the faculty of humanities at a state uni here, where I had a short-lived academic career as a faculty. I do my research and write about my web explorations and discoveries right here, on this blog.

At this point in my timeline, I firmly believe that both work & labor are a natural part of a balanced life. I take conscious measures to balance and re-balance mine. A large portion of my time is spent calibrating myself: acquiring digital skills, learning languages, testing things, designing, coding, attempting to make things work.

And so, I’ve dipped my toes into the entangled world of digital humanities. If like me, you’re interested in going digital, you’ve come to the right place. 

I Web, Therefore I Am

I work remotely from Indonesia as a full-stack freelancer—not to be confused with a full-stack developer. This is just to say that instead of focusing on only one limited function, I leverage digital technologies and online platforms to manage a regimen of income streams.

I explore, learn, and grow. I question, challenge, and create. I educate.

I’ll share with you my top digital skills, tips and tricks to survive the age of the internet, lessons learned from the everyday programming that I normally do, everything. From making sense of open data to navigating the social media blogging scene to ordering takeouts

Today’s blogging environment is changing and good content is already not enough. It is as important to build and grow an audience who love to read and share the content we create. So if anything on here helped you or inspired you, please share it, give it a like, and leave a comment or feedback, so that I can continue providing relevant and useful content.

I’ve been very keen on connecting and collaborating with others. Hence, if you’re thinking of inviting me for a collaboration, thank you for thinking of me. Working together with fellow creatives is a super rare opportunity! You might want to check out my work-with-me page and my page for workshops and speaking opportunities. 

What About Some Support?

Yeah, what about it? If you're working on digital activism or nonprofit working towards a cause that you think might resonate with me, you can find support here:
  1. Read the content of this site for FREE.
  2. Ask your questions using our contact form, on our Facebook page (soon), or at our YouTube channel (soon), also for FREE.
  3. Get in-depth PAID advice. 
  4. Request for a discounted quote from the work-with-me page. 

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